Bruce Engineering - Model Engineer's Supplies


Firing Shovels

Firing shovels for 3 ½” gauge, 5” gauge and 7 ¼” gauge locos, plus the 5” gauge Polly shovel/poker sets. We also stock the miniature 5” gauge shovels from Doug Hewson.

Flu brushes

We stock a wide range of brushes for cleaning tubes in your boiler, available in both bristle and bronze.

Miniature Cast Aluminium Signs

Our own manufacture cast aluminium signs.  Level crossing, 'No Gates' and 'Beware of Trains' currently available, other patterns in preparation.


Reilang oilers with their unique double pump action are ideal for oiling up your loco or for general workshop use. General purpose pump action oilers available in various sizes, pressure oilers to fit machinery oil nipples and pocket oilers.

Steam Raising Blowers

Available in small, medium and large sizes to suit a wide range of models. The large size manufactured by Polly is fitted with a tapered chimney spigot and suited to a wide range of locomotive applications.