Bruce Engineering - Model Engineer's Supplies


A wide range of fittings from quality manufacturers.

Axle pumps

in a range of sizes (ram sizes from ¼” to ½”)

Blow Down valves

Blower valves

Brake Valves, ejectors and vacuum limiters

from Chiverton, now in stock.

Bypass water valves

for floor or tank fitting

Ceramic Burners

Models to suit a variety of small models plus standard rectangular and circular types. Supplied complete with gas pipe, jet and gas valve. Ceramic burner material, jets, etc also available for DIY construction.

Check valves (non-return valves or clacks) for oil, water or steam

In line pipe fitting and threaded body boiler fittings (90 degree).

Chime Whistles

3 note chime whistles in polished brass, 2 sizes available.

Connectors (Pipe)

pipe to pipe, bulkhead and pipe to thread connectors.

Connectors – loco to tender

These quick release pressure fittings are supplied with pipe and are suitable for injector feed, etc. In sizes to suit 3 ½” / 5” gauge and 7 ¼” gauge locos.


Scale forged couplings

Four designs to suit the main railway companies, GWR, LMS & LNER/BR plus hook and chain coupling for freelance and industrial locos. All available in 3 ½”, 5” and 7 ¼” gauge versions.

Cylinder Drain Cocks

Locomotive type drain cocks in sets of 4 (2 left hand 2 right hand) in various sizes and threads, Stuart models types also available.


Pipe elbows in sizes from 3/32” to ¼” pipe.

Filler nozzles

for refillable gas container, fits screw top canisters.

Gas canister valve, gas filler valves (Ronson type), gas jets, refillable gas tanks in three sizes.

Hand pumps

with ram sizes from ¼” to ¾” in pipe to pipe or tank(tender) versions.

Handrail Stanchions

for locomotives to suit 3 ½” 5” and 7 ¼” models. Manufactured with threaded shank which may be screwed into smokebox or nutted to tank panels, etc.

New development - scale handrail stanchions for GWR locos (5" & 7 1/4" gauge) in three types, long, short and blind drilled (for cab sides etc).  Also 2 1/2" gauge handrail stanchions.

Handwheel castings, in brass.

Available in ‘standard’ or locomotive style to suit models of various sizes. Our range includes some from Doug Hewson.


Our wide range of injectors includes horizontal and vertical types (including Allchin specials) ranging from 11oz per minute to 60 0z per minute. Specialist injectors from John Cashmore (JC), Chiverton and Jubilee all in stock, including ‘airless’ injectors specially suited for use with steel boilers.


standard ratchet type lubricators with various tank sizes, including double type. Lubricator mechanisms and roller clutches or ratchet components for use in your own tank. Displacement lubricators including Stuart Models.


to suit all ME pipe sizes, including flat ended nipples for injectors.


a range of adjustable precision drip feed oilers with clear glass reservoir. Standard types available in variety of sizes with imperial threads, other threads to order.

Pressure Gauges

probably the widest range of gauges available from any supplier. Sizes ranging from ½” dia to 4”, plain or flange mount graduated in metric (bar) or imperial (psi). Calibrated test gauges available for inspection/certification. Pressure gauge siphons also available.

Safety Valves

a wide and developing range of precision safety valves to suit the needs of most model engineers. New types being introduced exhibit minimal pressure rise with maximum flow under steam test conditions, in line with latest boiler test recommendations.

Steam Stop Valves

To suit most models, with pipe sizes from 3/32” through 3/8”, available in both pipe to pipe fitting (supplied with nipples and union nuts) or backhead fitting (pipe to thread). A variety of different styles are available to suit your model. Radio control (servo) valves are also available.

Steam Tees

in various sizes supplied with nuts and nipples.

Union cocks from Stuart Models

in several sizes.

Union nuts

to suit various ME pipe sizes.

Vacuum Ejectors from JC and Chiverton

(see also brake controls)

Vacuum gauges

in various sizes, plain or flanged, style can be matched to pressure gauge.

Vacuum Limiting valves

Used in vacuum braking systems to limit train pipe vacuum.

Water Gauges

a wide range of gauges ranging from the simple plain type to the precision three cock types by specialist suppliers such as Rob Barker and Dave Noble.

Water valves for tender or tank fitting

in a variety of sizes with extended operating arms available.


in various sizes of plain type and recently introduced chime whistles.

Whistle valves

including combination turret type.