Bruce Engineering - Model Engineer's Supplies

Materials & Consumables

Bakers Fluid flux

for soft soldering

Boiler Lagging

High temperature (1200 deg C) ceramic matting in 2mm or 3mm thickness, cut length to your requirement.

Boiler kits for gas firing

These small boilers are easily assembled and provide convenient source of steam for small stationary engines or miniature marine applications. Enquire for boiler material kits for locomotives, etc.

Brass bar

in round, hexagon, square and rectangular sections in a wide variety of sizes. Standard length 2’ for posting.

Brass angle

from ¼” to 1”, standard length 2’

Brass sheet

to order cut to size.

Brass studding

Bronze Balls

for non-return valves, etc.

Bronze Bar PB102

in round and hexagon in a variety of sizes, 12” length

Bronze Bar PB66

leaded, round various sizes, 12” length

Cast Iron

round to 100mm diameter, minimum length 3” cut to length.

Cast Iron

square 2” and 3”, minimum length 3” cut to length.

Comsol high temperature soft solder

1/8” wire

Copper tubing bending

grade 1/16” to 3/8” diameter (plus some metric sizes)

Copper tubing

thin wall 1/16” to ¼”

Copper washers

in assorted thickness packs (for steam fittings, etc)


for silver soldering, Easyflo, Tenacity 4a, Stainless Steel etc.

Gasket paper

in various thicknesses for steam, oil and water.

Gauge Glass

plain metric 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10mm from stock.

Gauge Glass

Shelbach currently unavailable

Graphited Packing

in small quantities in various thicknesses.

Graphited String

Loc’n’Seal thread locking sealant

from Loctite in convenient small tubes.

Loctite thread locking, bearing retainer

in small bottles. Loctite Multigasket and Superclean cleaner/activator.


steam oil (1000sae and 460sae), slideway lubricant, cutting and tapping fluid, soluble oil and honing oil.

Nitrile balls

in various sizes from 1/8” to ¾”

Nuts and Bolts

wide range of BA fastenings in hexagon (inc. small head), roundhead and countersunk styles. Cap head bolts, Some metric sizes, including stainless steel studding.

‘O’ Rings

A wide range of sizes, available in Nitrile rubber, Silicon or Viton. For use as piston rings, joint seals, gauge glass seals, etc. Sizes from 1/8” to 1 ½” in stock.

Phosphor Bronze

round or hexagon in PB102 and round PB106 leaded.

Rivets, brass

small snap head rivets from 1/32” to 1/16” diameter, in packs of 50 with larger quantities on request

Rivets, copper

snap head from 1/16” diameter to 3/16” for boiler making and general use. Standard packs of 50, 3/16” in packs of 25.

Rivets, steel

snap head 1/16” diameter to 3/16”, general purpose.


BA screws in steel or brass, with hexagon, round or countersunk heads. Sizes from 12BA to 2BA in standard packs of 25.

Special range of metric screws and nuts, specially made for model engineers.  These high quality nuts and bolts have small hexagons and are ideal for fine scale models.

Silicon Rubber Tubing

ideal for tender to loco water connections, brake pipes, etc. Available in 5’ lengths from 5/32” to ¼” internal diameter.

Silver Solder

Genuine Johnson Matthey silver solder products to cover most model engineering requirements. Easyflo 2 is the most popular, available in 1.5mm and 2.5mm rods as well as foil and wire. Silverflo 24, Silverflo 40 and Silverflo 55 rods also stocked. Silverflo 55 also available in ready mixed paste form. Fluxes stocked, EF2, Tenacity 4A and Stainless flux.

Silver Steel

Wide range of genuine Stubbs silver steel in metric and imperial sizes.

Soft Solder paste

‘Nealtin’, a convenient ready to use, low temperature flux solder mix.

Split pins

from 1/32” to 5/32” diameter in various lengths.

Stainless steel balls

for safety valves, clacks, pumps, etc.

Stainless steel rod

round, hexagon.

Stainless mesh

nominal 12” square sheets for making spark arrestors. Other sizes to order.

Stainless steel springs

in a variety of diameters and wire gauges, to give spring rates suitable for safety valves, axlebox springs etc.

Stainless steel studding

in metric (M3, M4) sizes.

Steel Stock in round, hexagon and square

plus a variety of common sections(including angle), all in bright drawn mild steel.

Steel Studding

in BA sizes (2BA, 4BA)

Taper pins

packs of 10 from 5/64” to 1/8” nominal diameter.

Thinwall copper tubing

supplied straight cut to length.