Bruce Engineering - Model Engineer's Supplies


BA box spanners

from 0BA to 12BA available individually

Cylinder Hones and spare stonesfor finishing bores

4 sizes to suit a range of bores from ½” to 7” diameter. 3 in 1 set also available. See also honing oil.

Die stocks

to suit 13/16” and 1” diameter dies.

Dies for thread cutting

in a wide range of BA, ME, BSB, etc. and some metric sizes.


full range of quality high speed steel twist drills in metric sizes plus centre drills (Slocum drills).

External Hones

2 sizes of kit available, for up to 1” diameter or up to 2” diameter. Spare stones also available.

Lining pens

Milling cutters

from 1/8” dia to ½” diameter, see also slot drills.

Rivet snaps

available individually, sizes 1/32” to 3/16” diameter.

Slot drills

from 1/16” to ½” diameter.

Tap wrench

straight or tee type


taper, second & plug taps or sets of all three available a wide range of BA, ME, BSB, etc and some metric sizes.