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Tuxford's Double Side Rod Engine

This model of Tuxford’s Double Side Rod Engine was developed from a small engraving in a book published in the 1880s. The engine can be viewed as midway between a Table engine and an Oscillating engine. As with the table engine there is a table, but the cylinder is placed under the table. The piston rod drives upwards to a cross beam. From the crossbeam rods drop down to crossheads sliding on guides attached to the side of the cylinder. Pivoted from the crossheads are connecting rods which rise upwards to the crankshaft. Because of this arrangement the crankshaft has to have a very long crankpin the full width of the cylinder. The reason for this arrangement was to obtain a compact engine but with the long connecting rods of the true table engine. Though more compact than the Table engine it was not as simple as the Oscillating engine.

There was no size or scale given but if we assume a 9ft (2.7metre) flywheel this would give us a 1/12 scale and a 9” (228mm) flywheel for the model. There are 26 drawings in the set all A4 size, and are dimensioned in both imperial and metric. The imperial dimension appears first with the metric dimension underneath. You will notice that the metric dimensions are not exact conversions from the imperial, I have tried to use standard metric stock sizes where possible.

The construction of the engine has some interesting operations, and the whole builds up into an attractive engine of quite small size, but without any tiny parts. The number of castings have been kept to the minimum and consist of just, flywheel pulley wheel, base and cylinder.

When built up the engine runs quite smoothly with a majestic motion, the movement of the engine is most attractive to watch. I hope you enjoy building and running the engine.

The engine was serialized in Engineering In Miniature from January 1995 to September 1995.