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Woodroffe's "Verto" Engine 1880

Woodroffe and Co’s “Verto” engine was built at the Albion works, Rugeley, Staffordshire in the 1880s and 90s. It was available in a range of sizes from 1 to 5 horse power. It was a general purpose engine used as a power source in many industries. It came in three forms, as an engine on its own (below), as engine and boiler mounted on a fixed base, which also doubled as a water tank, and as an engine and boiler mounted on a traveling base (right).

The model is also available in the same three forms. The model is quite small, the boiler being 9” (127mm) high, the flywheel is 4” (102mm) diameter.

The boiler is available as a ready made unit from Cheddar Models. It is gas fired using a ceramic burner.

The engine is shown with a boiler feed pump (above). But due to the smallness of the set up. If continuous running on steam was desired it would be better to disconnect the pump and feed the boiler from a separate water supply.

The wheels are interesting, full size the spokes were built up from strip material. A similar method is used for the model.

Gunmetal castings are available for the base, engine column, engine base, cylinder and flywheel. The rest of the engine is made from bar material. There are 46 A4 drawings in the set giving details of all three forms of the engine. Both metric and imperial dimensions are shown on the drawings.

The model was built on a Myford MEJ7R lathe. A milling machine will also be found very useful in building this engine.

The model was serialised in EIM from September 2000 to July 2001.