Stationary Engine Kits

Anthony Mount Models

We are pleased to be the sole distributors for the prize winning models of Anthony Mount. The Boulton and Watt Side Lever Engine, the Easton and Anderson Grasshopper Beam Engine and James Booth’s Rectilinear Engine are already giving model engineers many hours of pleasurable machining resulting in an interesting and unusual engine worthy of their skills. Anthony is still busy – there is more to come!

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Stuart Models

We are pleased to be the main UK mainland distributors for Stuart Models. Established for over a century, Stuart models have provided the introduction to model engineering for several generations of engineers. Casting sets for popular engines are generally in stock. The traditional design Stuart engines complement the range of Anthony Mount models and Stuart have recently introduced a workshop equipment range - lathe currently available, plus re-introducing other models such as the No 4 and No 8 which have not been available for some time.

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Ready to Run Engines

We have a ready to run miniature hot air engine the HOG.

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Our Own Engines

Our own design kit built engines.

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